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Whenever a dog hear its master'sfootfall or coming home, yousimply cannot fail to notice the excitement. When a dog walksup to its master, its tail iswagging eagerly, excited thatthe master has home. A dog loves it when its master rub behind its ears and scratch under its chin.

Cats, however, demand attention. When its master enter a room where a cat is, it pretends its master doesn't exist. when called,it like to wait just long enough before entering the room where its master is, so its master cannot tell whether the cat heed the call or just wandered by on some business of its own. The master's most expensive piece of furniture is where it practice their destructive skills.

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Me, Me, Me.... Meow!

There is a saying that"Dogs have masters, but cats have staff." this is why mankind has traditionally attributed characteristics such as loyalty, service and faithfulness to dogs. But cats have acquired traits like independence and aloofness.

There is a joke about cats and dogs that conveys their differences perfectly. A dog says," You pet me,you feed me, you shelter me,and you love me,you must be God." A cat says," You pet me, you feed me,you shelter me,and you love me,I must be God."

This difference between cats and dogs is very similas to how Christian theology is being lived out today. Dogs say," Lord, you love me, you bless me abundantly, you gave your life for me,you must be God." Wheres Cats say,"Lord, you love me, you bless me abundantly, you gave your life for me I must be god." Note the little "g" in god. While Cays never say,"I must be God." what they do say is" It's all about me" or"It's all about us! God did all this for us! Life is about us! I must be what God only died for but lives for too."

To understand how the two differs, we need to understand that both Cats and Dogs want obedience in their lives but in different ways. As the jokes goes,dog have master,but cats have staff. Dogs learn to obey their master.Cats want their master to obey them. Theology, Dogs want to obey God,but Cats want to obey them.

Cats are into Christianity for themselves. And they would never say it,but if someone or something could give then better life than following Christ,they would seriously consider it. Why? Because it is primarily not about God, it is about them. Cats are into it far more for more what they can get out of it than for the opportunity to radiate the glory of the king of Heaven.Dogs say,"No, it's about God's glory."

Although there is only way to heaven,there can be different reason for wanting to get there.

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see the option of hell and walk, or run, away from it. Cats are moving toward heaven,but they are walking backward,focused on hell. It is because they don't want to go to hell that they arrive in heaven. A cat says," I don't want to go to hell.I don't want to go to hell." Their focuse is on themselves,only their lives. Although it's not bad start, it falls far short of what dog wants.

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want to get to heaven for a different reasons. Dogs are also moving away from hell toward heaven, but they walk forward. Hell is behind them. heaven is in front of them. A Dog says," I've found Someone who's not only beautiful,He is beauty. I've found Someone not only powerful,He's Almighty. I've found Someone who not only love, He is love. I've got to give my life to Him

A Dog's salvation is described in Matthew 13:44 The kingdom of heaven is like treasure hidden in a field. When a man found it, he hid it again,and then in his in his joy went and sod all he had and bought that field." The man had found a treasure that was of great worth than all the other things he possessed. He joyfully relinquished all of his other possessed to obtain this one great treasure

Why are so many Christian joyless? Because their salvation is basically fire insurance. They are merely walking away from hell, focused on themselves. they have never discovered the treasure. When your just walking away from hell,there is relief, but no joy.

Cats prove their salvation because they "prayed the prayer,"and are therefore saved from hell. For them, Christianity's focus is to keep them from going to hell. Everything still revolves around their lives.

Dogs demonstrate their salvation by the fact that they hunger for God and want more and more of him in their livesand shine to their lives. This they know, guarantees that they are believers.

Cats are only prayng for their church and no for the greater kingdom of God. Cats pray for the things they desire,the things that will make life more comfortable and easy.

Dogs pray for things to help advance God's kingdom. To make God Famous. Dogs also pray for blessing,but it is not their primary focus;it is usually so that they can have a greater impact in the lives of others.

Cats worship God for what He's done for them.there is nothing wrong with these unless that's all one is thingking about. It's all about me,me,me.

Dogs worship God primarily for who he is and secondarily for what He has done for them.

In Cat Theology, Hod's it is very limited. Cats love to serve God when it is fun. But when it quits being fun,they quit calling Him Lord and don't serve Him as they should. He is Lord as long as they are being blessed. Cats want Lordship, but they don't want it to interfere with their lives.

In Dog Theology, He has complete Lordship- anytime, anywhere anyplace. Dogs are very aware that when they found the treasure its value meant more to them than life or the things in life. When asked to jump, they only asked how high, not why. They obey wholeheartedly. Their focus is on pleasing Him.

Cats only know " half of God." They focus on God's love, mercy, and grace but never on His hatred of sin, wrath,and judgment. A Cat doesn't want to acknowledge and focus on any aspect if God that would make life uncomfortable. Cats want the perks ( God's blessing and protection)but none of the responsibilities (God's laws).It is all about them.

Dogs are very conscious of the fact that God judges. Dogs are aware that His Holiness will not put up with disobedience in those He loves. Dogs know that God judges those He loves as well.

For Cats, success is defined in the eyes of men. Dogs define success in the eyes of God. Cats hunger to be entertained in the church. Dogs hunger to worship God and reflect His glory. Cats love head knowledge, they can quote multiple facts found in the Bible, but they are lacking in the area of application.

Dogs love that which draws them closer to God. They are more interested in obeying the Lord than simply knowing about Him. Cats want the full picture before they obey God. Dogs are happy to obey the little the Lord gives. Cats believe the Church is at peace. Dogs believe the Church is at war. Cats have an arbitrary truth - it changes as the wind changes. Dogs have an absolute truth - it never changes for them. Cats have a “feel-good” theology.

Dogs have an “obedience” theology. Cats sees missions as reaching out to the foreign family running the big store nearby. Dogs see missions as revealing His glory to all the people groups of the earth. Some Cats can’t image why God would cause anyone to suffer eternally for a finite set of sins. Dogs know that hell is eternal because an infinite glory has been rejected. Cats want their children to bring them glory. Dogs want their children to bring God glory. Cats see a job as a means of attaining wealth. Dogs see a job as a ministry opportunity. Cats think God is a means to an end. Dogs think God is the end.

Cat Theology doesn’t provide an accurate whole picture of God’s Word, His will, or His ways. Cat Theology is not incorrect, but it is incomplete. And in being incomplete, it is a distortion of what He wants and what He has to say to us.

Cats are saved from hell, but their version of the gospel stops there. Once they’re saved, hallelujah! “Praise God, I’m going to heaven.”

But for Dogs, getting saved is merely a stepping stone to what the true purpose of life and the gospel is all about. Dogs are saved from hell for worship. They know that their salvation is for a singular purpose: to be in the presence of God and worship Him. And Dogs learn to do that twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. There is a huge difference between being saved from something and being saved for something. When you are saved from something, the focus is on you, what you get out of it. When you are saved for something, the focus is on God.There is nothing wrong from being saved from hell, but it can’t stop there. By itself, it is incomplete. Cat Theology is only about getting to heaven. Dog Theology includes that but also goes beyond it to radiating and revealing the glory of God.

Cats would pray, “Dear Lord, thank you for dying on the cross for our sins. Amen.” Please notice, there is a period after “sins.” There is no indication as to why He died on the cross for our sins, and therefore it implies that it is about us. The prayer is not incorrect, but it is incomplete. Dogs however would finish the prayer by adding, “ . . .so that we might honor You, we might glorify You.” God bless us so that we could be a blessing, not just to those around us, but to all the peoples of the earth.

(Genesis 12:2-3). Cats want to gather the blessings and keep them for themselves. But Dog enjoy the blessings and pass them on to others. Dogs understand that God has a plan for the blessings He gives to us. Dogs see themselves as a conduit, or pipeline, of blessings. God knows whom He wants to bless through us tomorrow, next week, next year, and for the rest of our life! He sees through us to others and want others to see Him through us. He desires to be made known to people of every tongue, every tribe, and every nation. This is one of the key reasons God wants to bless us.

Dogs know that God is the main character of the Bible, and they see how Jesus honored His father. They know that Jesus lived for the Father’s glory; and therefore, they should too. The Scripture tell us that Jesus not only continually pointed to the Father’s glory, but also He died primarily for the Father’s glory. Read John 12:27,28.

Christ’s focus is on His Father’s glory. His Father’s glory is the highest priority. In fact, Jesus wants to answer our prayers so that His Father will be glorified (John 14:13,14). Jesus has a

passion to see His Father exalted, to see His Father lifted up and praised. Jesus did His work for the glory of the Father (John 17:4).

Everything in life - not just in Christianity - will eventually result in glory to the Father. It is the glory that is the end goal; everything else is merely a means toward this consummate goal. This is how Dogs are different.

Cat and Dogs Christian both go to church, both want to be blessed by God and see God work. They both look and act so Christian. The difference is found in their emphases, or priorities, in life. Cats’ goal of Christianity is a safe, comfortable Christian life! Whatever makes them uneasy or uncomfortable, they throw out. To a Cat, the entire Christian life is all about being blessed by God. Does God want to bless us? Yes. He delights in blessing us. But He doesn’t want the blessing to take priority over His glory. He wants His glory to shine through the blessings, not be overlooked. In the Christian life, Cats have willingly moved the glory of God to second place in order that good things for them might be number one.

Cats think that life is supposed to be fair. When it’s not, when they encounter the traumas of daily life, they cry out, “Oh, but that’s not fair, God.” The question the is: Was life designed to be fair? Is God fair?

To gain greater insight and understanding into this troublesome situation, let us consider three case studies. The first is Jabez (1 Chronicles 4:10). Jabez prayed to God just one time to bless and enlarge his territory and God granted his prayer.

The second was the unnamed young girl in 2 Kings 5. This Jewish girl was taken captive in war to a foreign land. She became a slave. Her mistress was the wife of Naaman, the second in command of the enemy army. That man who was greatly responsible for all her woes, contracted leprosy. To better understand this girl’s predicament, we must keep in mind some of the behind-the -scene activities. In wars, we can almost guarantee of the possibility of her father and older brothers being killed infront of her. No only that, the possibility of her mother being raped, including herself. Now she is a slave.

Yet after all the heartbreak and turmoil the girl had gone through, she still knew forgiveness. She still has a heart for God’s glory. The result of her kindness, Naaman declared, “Now I know there is no God in all the world except in Israel.” Naaman acknowledge God all because a young girl knew forgiveness and has a heart for God’s glory.

Third, is Stephen (Acts 6 and 7). Stephen was full of God’s grace and power, and he was stoned to death. Three totally different lives. The question: Which life was God fair to? Life wasn’t designed to be fair. Life was designed to be a series of events to reveal God’s glory and point us, and others, to that glory. That is what life is all about! (1 Cor.10:31). Our purpose is to live for His glory.

All three glorified God. In Jabez was demonstrated the grace and benevolence of God as a Father. The young Jewish girl knew forgiveness even though she had gone through a hellish life. All of this greatly pointed to God’s glory living through her, and she was used to influence a Gentile man of great authority and to show God’s desire to reach people from all nations. The third one, we still talk about today as an example of a man who saw such value in God that he was willing to die for it.

Paul understood this idea. (For from him and through him and to him are all things. To him be the glory forever! Amen.- Romans 11:36) It’s all things. The trees are to point you to God, the heavens declare His glory, the uniqueness of His botanical creations demonstrate His creativity,

the birth of a child is something we marvel at, and a lion’s roar points us to God. Car accidents are to point you to God, cancer, heart attacks, an early death are to point you to God. All things are to point us, and others, to Him. Not most, a lot of, or even the vast majority of, but all things.

Everything, not just the good things, is designed to bring us to God. Anything that brings us to our knees is a blessing because life is designed to help us come to a one-on-one encounter with the living God - to know Him, to worship him, and to praise Him. A Dog’s key verse is Habakkuk 3:17-18. Dogs knows that Christ didn’t promise ease and comfort in this life or that Christianity would be easy. Life was designed to be a series of opportunities to live out and radiate the glory of God.

The priorities between a Dog and a Cat are very different. It shows up in their lifestyles, their motivations, and their thought life. As a result of this, Dogs and Cats also pray very different prayers. Dogs first and foremost priority is that God would be glorified. Dogs not only have this as their first priority, but it is also their passion. In their prayers, they are constantly asking for God’s glory to shine in the events taking place. When face with a life-threatening situation, they pray confidently and very boldly, “Lord, if you are going to get more glory by taking me home early, do it.” Death is not a scary thing. These type of prayers are not prayed joyously but are prayed from the heart with deep conviction that it is about God’s glory, not about their own comfort, ease, and safety. Dogs sometimes realize that like our Lord, they must sacrifice their own joy and pleasure for the advancement of God’s kingdom.

Dogs are not masochistic. They too want blessings and they aren’t shy about asking for them. But at the heart of it is God’s glory. Before praying for something, Dogs are mindful of how it might be used for God’s glory.

Jesus came to give us an abundant life (John 10:10). But this abundant life is not found in things; instead, it is discovered in God Himself! By delighting in Him, we will experience the greatest happiness and joy available in this life. The Bible does talk about dying to oneself, but this is different from finding your joy in God alone.

Read Matt. 16:25; Matt. 19:29; Luke 9:23,24.

Unfortunately, most Cat Christians are doing the reverse. They are delighting in everything but God and claiming it to be the abundant life. God speaks directly to this problem in Jeremiah 2:13. Cats find their joy outside of God. Though they still go to church and have quiet times, this is not where their joy is. Doing those Christian activities is more of a duty than a delight. We are going after so many things, yet once they get them, they don’t satisfy. They leak. And as a result, we need bigger , faster, more sophisticated, more expensive things. We are constantly seeking to fill that leaking cistern. We read the news advertisement before we read the Word of God because we are more excited about items on sale than meeting with God. And we are so busy seeking after those things that we have little time for God. God only gets the leftover time. Meeting with God (and therefore learning to delight in Him) is always second priority.

God doesn’t want this for our lives. God knows that the things of this world can’t truly satisfy us. This is why He said that we need to die to ourselves. He doesn’t want us to seek one dream after another and get frustrated and demoralized in the process. That isn’t the abundant life He wants for us. God is like a spring of living water, no need of refilling. Remember God is infinite, therefore, there is an infinite amount of Him that we can get to know and enjoy. We will never get to the point of spending time with God and say, “Okay, I’ve been there, done that; this is old.” God wants us to be never thirsty again. He wants us so satisfied in Him and Him alone that we will not go after the things of the world to find happiness. We will not search for relationship

outside of marriage; we will not covet things to satisfy us. We will be so content to see God and His glory that life will be abundant in the truest sense. We will want to reflect Him and His glory everywhere because we will be so satisfied in Him! And the more we are satisfied in Him alone, the more we reflect His value and worth, the more glory goes to Him.

Cats want to be satisfied with God too, but they don’t have the patience for it. Cats always want a quick fix, and the things of this world can give it to them. But finding the spring of living water takes time. There are no quick fixes with God. Read Proverbs 2:1-4; Psalm 130:5,6; Psalm 27:14; Psalm 40:1; Isaiah 26:8.

Waiting for the Lord is what Dogs are comfortable doing (Cats hate to wait), Waiting show the value of God to you. If you wait for something for years, it must be very valuable to you. But if you give up after a few minutes, it isn’t very valuable. It’s like saying, “God, You’re not worth waiting for. Revelation 4:11 “Thou art worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honor and power: for thou hast created all things, and for thy pleasure they are and were created.” God created everything for His own pleasure. The stars, the earth, the trees and flora, the birds and insects are here for God’s pleasure. Anything and everything you can think of is here for God’s pleasure.

Cats worship, but it is merely a part of their lives. Cats worship only during specific times. These times occur on Sunday mornings at church, during their personal quiet times, or when they are listening to worship music. And what do they worship God for? Their worship is primarily focused on thanking Him for what He’s done for them. (Remember, it’s all about them. It’s like a cancer; they got it and don’t even realize it.). Their favorite songs have a lot of me’s, my’s, and I’s in them. And when they aren’t worshipping God for what He’s done for them, everything else is just

“regular life.”

Dog’s worship God too. But when they worship on Sunday mornings or during their personal quiet times, they primarily focus on who He is, not so much what He’s done for them. Songs like “How Great Thou Art” and “Holy, Holy, Holy” are very familiar to them. Why? Not because they’re catchy tunes that make them happy, but because they rightfully exalt God for who He is! And when they’re done with their worship service, their worship doesn’t stop. Dogs don’t know a “regular life” outside of God’s glory. To a Dog, worship is life itself!

God’s glory is all around us. It can be seen in so many ways. Never stop looking for it. Never stop being awed by it! Radiate to God the glory He is worthy of! Life should be one big worship service. And depending upon whether you are a Dog or Cat, everything will take on a different meaning. Dogs do everything that Cats do.

Their lives are parallel in every way except one: their mindset! They do everything as an act of worship to God and to make Him smile. This is because they define every thing in terms of God’s glory.

Life was designed to be an open big worship service as we live for and reflect the glory of the Lord. But with Cat Theology, we have turned it around so that we no longer worship the Lord. We’ve been busy worshipping ourselves. We need to dive into Dog Theology and once again worship the Lord for who He is and not for what He can give to us. We should be looking at God’s face (to delight in being in His presence) rather than in looking at God’s hand (to see what He will give us).

Corrie ten Boom is a Dutch woman whose family were hiding Jews in their home during World War II. Corrie and her family were sent to a concentration camp when the Nazis discovered what they were doing. In the concentration camp, Corrie lost her entire family but not her faith. She lived on and told others about the God who not only allowed her to survive but also empowered her to forgive those who persecuted and tormented her. When Corrie was seventy years old, an angel visited her in a vision telling her that she had ten more years to live. So Corrie went out and celebrated by purchasing brand new luggage to continue her ministry of sharing her story and testimony around the world.

Five years later, Corrie’s health diminished to the point that she suffered greatly and had very limited mobility. While in the hospital in terrible pain, a second angel visited her. The angel informed her that the pain and agony she was going through was going to result in her death, and that she was never going to get better. Corrie protested, telling the angel that she had five more years to live.

The angel responded by saying that her heavenly Father was aware of this but had sent the angel to tell her that He was willing to take her home early. With that Corrie was faced with a troubling decision: go on to be with the Lord or endure incredible suffering and pain for another five years? How would you reply? Maybe the same way we would. We would choose to avoid the pain, escape the hardship, and eliminate the suffering. Why would anyone choose anything different? It’s at times like this when we discover what people are made of.

And we learn what made Corrie ten Boom different. Corrie answered the angel with a question: “Which will bring my Father the greatest glory? Going to be with Him now or enduring the five years of suffering?” The angel said, “Staying here and enduring five more years.” And with that, Corrie gave her answer: “ Then that is what I choose.” How could she have made such a decision? What made her so different? Simply this: Corrie didn’t live for her own ease and comfort; she lived for the glory of her Father.

What came of those five years? While Corrie ten Boom has been a household name among millions of Christians around the world before that time, God used those last years to seal a picture of what it means to live faithfully in the hearts and minds of many more people. Corrie has shown that life is to be lived for our Father’s glory - even if it means enduring pain and suffering - and not for ourselves. This causes us to ask a very simple question: How much glory do we want to give to God? Do we want to give him some glory, a lot of glory, or maximum glory?

When people from different cultures worship together, God gets more glory. The principle behind this is: “God gets more glory when He unifies that which is diverse.”

In other words, take two or more diverse things and unite them together in the name of Jesus Christ, and God gets more glory. Whether it is a couple on the verge of divorce, and you heal their marriage through the Scriptures; or a Palestinian and an Israeli, and you create a God-honoring relationship after centuries of bitter animosity, God gets greater glory. Add to those four a Kuwaiti and an Iraqi, an Aceh from Indonesia and a Karalkolpoch from Uzbekistan, and God gets even more glory because when more diversity is united, more glory is given.

This is why God had communicated clearly in His Word that He wants people from “every tongue, tribe, people, and nation.” It is not just 10% or 70% of the world but from every tongue, tribe, people and nation. Why? The answer is very simple. It deals with the facts that He is a jealous God. If God had only reached the Jews, He would have received glory but not the maximum glory. If He had reached the Jew and a lot of Gentile groups, He would have received even more glory, but not the greatest glory. Only when you and I are there with people from every tongue, tribe, and nation (meaning all our diversities are united), then our Father will get the greatest glory He could ever have from mankind.

The true driving force for world evangelization is to bring our Father the greatest glory He can have. The seed of this is found in the very first command to all mankind in Genesis chapter 1:28, “God blessed them and said to them, ‘Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it.’” Over centuries of time, as people “fill the earth”, language begins to break apart, and over time, from a slight accent, one group of people becomes a totally different language, creating diversity.

God intended to create diversity so later He could bring it together in harmony to reveal His greatest glory! This is why true Dogs are “world Christians,” or Christians who seek to reach all nations and ethnic groups for the greatest glory of their Father. And this shifts their motivation in everything.

No longer is missions a duty. No longer is missions purposed on just getting people into heaven. But now there is a higher and greater motivation. We want to go to the nations because we want to see our Father glorified among all people groups of the world for His greatest glory! Missions is not the ultimate goal of the church, worship is. Mission exist because worship doesn’t. Worship is ultimate, not missions, because God is ultimate, not man. Missions will one day stop, but worship abides forever.

The Story of the Bible

The goal to bring every ethnic group before the living God to reveal His greatest glory is the story of the Bible. The Bible was meant to be read as one book. The introduction is Genesis chapters 1 through 11, the story starts in Genesis 12 and runs through Revelation 3, and the conclusion begins in Revelation 4.

The introduction is simple and we know most of it. God created everything and said it is good. Adam and Eve fall into sin. God takes care of the sin problem. People begin to multiply, but so does the sin. Every intention of the heart is evil. God being a holy God, cannot tolerate all of the sin. So God brings about a judgment by sending the flood. After the flood, humanity begins to grow and multiply again. The key verse in understanding the introduction to the story of the Bible is Genesis 11:1: “Now the whole world had one language and a common speech.” There was no diversity. They were one people, with one language, and one culture. Instead of obeying God and spreading out, they disobey and remain one people.

But God was committed to seeing His glory revealed in such a way that would create diversity and later allow Himself to unite it together in harmony. So He did in one moment what should have taken centuries to do. God confuse the language of the whole world at Babel. Instead of just one group of people, there were now many groups of people.

After the introduction, we can read about God picking up one man (Abram) and make a promise to him. The promise would have two parts. First, “I want to bless you.” Second, “I want you to be a blessing to all of the families on the face of the earth.” This is called the Abrahamic Covenant as is found in Genesis 12 and reads like this:

I will make you into a great nation and I will bless you; I will make your name great, and you will be a blessing. I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse;

and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you.” (Genesis 12:3-4)

In New Testament language, God is basically giving the Great Commission. “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations. (Matthew 28:19). God said through Abraham that all people on earth would be blessed, and through the disciples of Jesus that all nations would be reached.

These two passages are parallel, and Dogs know why. Because God has been, is, and always will be going after the revelation of His greatest glory, and that will only come when all people groups have representatives coming together to celebrate God. He knew that from the very beginning. Immediately after God created the nations, He made the promise to Abraham to reach every one of them. He was making it perfectly clear. He is seeking to redeem people from every tongue, tribe, and nation! God’s desire to reach all nations permeates both the Old and New Testament. A few examples: Read Psalm 46:10; 1 Chronicles 16:23,24; Isaiah 61:11; Luke 24:46,47; Matthew 28:19.

Will God get His greatest glory? Read the last parts of our Bibles and see how the story concludes. Revelation 5:9 reads, “You are worthy to take the scroll and to open its seals, because you were slain, and with your blood you purchased men for God from every tribe and language and people and nation.” Notice where they came from: “Every tribe, and language and people and nation!” What God set out to do through Abraham, God pulls off at the very end of time! And because all nations are there, God receives the greatest glory! God has declared that this will happen. He has decreed it. He has demanded It. Why? Because He desires it.

The pages of the Bible between Genesis 12 and Revelation 3 is the story of a loving God seeking to redeem people from every ethnic group on the face of the earth. Let us pursue God’s glory in every area of our life and somehow play a role in taking that glory to the ends of the earth! Instead of living from birth to death seeking that which is safe, soft, and comfortable, let us live it with a purpose: the purpose of glorifying God!

Most of us are Cats that are Dogs sometimes, and Dogs that are Cats sometimes. Lets strive to be transformed to a true Dog. Let us all live a balanced Christian life, one that encounters God’s glory on a day-to-day basis, one that radiates His glory in all circumstances, one that enjoys the blessings of God, and one that is able to endure the hardships, disappointments, and frustrations of life while understanding that He is still in control. Let us all live for the glory of God!

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A Little Joke

There is a joke about cats and dogs that conveys their differences perfectly.

A dog says, 'You pet me, you feed me, you shelter me, you love me... You must be God!'

A cat says, 'You pet me, you feed me, you shelter me, you love me... I must be God.'

Cat and Dog Theology

Cat & Dog Theology
- by Bob Sjogren and
Gerald Robison

Master or Staff?

There is saying that..."Dogs have masters but cats only have staff."

This is why mankind has traditionally attributed characteristics such as loyalty, service and faithfulness to dogs.

But cats have acquired traits like independence and aloofness.

This little joke really helps to explain Cat and Dog Theology!

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